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Return equipment

I was offered a new hub which I have installed.  There was no collect + details in the box.  Your booklet said that it needed recycling.  I have now been sent an email telling me to return the equipment.  Luckily I still have it.  Please send labels ...

Wrong port in wall

I have just moved into a new flat and the cirgin media plug in the wall is different to the cable I recieved with my installation box. Is there an adaptor I can buy or do I have to get a new plug 

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Hub 5

Just received a  new hub 5, do I just swap the connectors from the back of my existing hub, or do I have to do anything with my TV and other devices settings 

Bandit89 by Joining in
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Street connection point

I’ve just signed up for virgin broadband. But I’ve noticed I can’t see the Street connection point on pavement outside my house. All the other houses on my street have them though. I suspect mine has been tarmac over it.What will happen when engineer...

Mredol by Joining in
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New hub issues

I got a new hub 5 this week as upgraded to the 1gig package. The WiFi works well enough at the moment (although I am not sure I am quite getting that speed yet but still need to do a test with the Ethernet).The issue that I am having at the moment is...

raven403 by Joining in
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HiHad an upgraded router to a hub 4. Issue is I have a TCP LED strip that had no issues connecting up to the last hub. Think it was hub 3, but won't connect to hub 4. Have complained to tcp about this who gave a few options to try. Nothing worked , s...

Resolved! Outside box

Virgin engineer called yesterday. Did a ok job at setting up the WiFi but left the outside wall box completely open work exposed wires. Virgin helpline says that's how it should be. Can't believe that's right... Someone can walk up and unscrew wire.....

Getting engineer out

Hi I was offered self install kit to be sent out I got this and there’s no virgin cables nothing in the house I’ve searched all over I’ve also been trying to get in touch for 2 days now with no success what can I do about this as my services have sta...