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HUB & POD connections bounce back and forth

Joining in

I've been on the WhatsApp chat and realised I need a proper techy to help me 🙂
I've had issues since installation and have followed demands for a reboot more times than I can remember.

Issue is... my devices tend to skip between pods, or remain connected to a pod or the hub when it's a weak signal, instead of re-connecting to the stronger signal in the room I'm in.
For example, my hub is on the other side of a wall and the pod is right next to me, yet my PC connects to the hub on the hub's weaker signal rather than the pod's strong signal.

Further to this... I could boot up my PC and it connects to the strong pod signal next to me and I start a zoom call and it chooses to suddenly skip to the hub signal... Very annoying! 😡🤬

I've looked at the hub and realised it's on channel 11 for 2.5 and 44 for 5GHz... What channel are the pods on?
Could this be causing the issue?




This is a difficult one, it is your devices making the choice of which VM Pod or VM Hub to use
and VM Pods compound the issue by insisting on use of a shared SSID.

If in place of VM Pods, there were retail Wireless Repeaters the process would be easy the signal can be repeated with a different SSID ( e.g. Office, Kitchen, Landing ) making a manual connection choice possible.

For those important Zoom calls a length network cable to the VM Hub would be the most stable option.

To see the WI-Fi channels used by the VM Pods, install a free Wi-Fi Analyser app on your mobile,
this will display the signal strength and the channels used.

Hi Client62,

As I thought really, but thanks for confirming 🙂

I'll only change the channel on the hub if you think it will help... from your answer, it doesn't seem it will.



With the VM Pods, the Hub's Wireless Channel Optimization is supposed to remain Enabled, 
so choice of channel is made by the Hub.

With retail Wireless Repeaters or Access Points we stabilize the network by using fixed channel numbers,
using  1,6,11 on the 2.4GHz band and 36, 44, etc on the 5GHz band.  The channel numbers being allocated to avoid a clash with your own network.