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Cable Relocation Includes Digging?

Tuning in

So just spoke to customer services and booked in a move of the cable going into the house as its on the wrong side for its use case. It was confirmed by the customer service representative that the technician showing up on the day will be digging the new trench required for the cable move all I have to do is tell them where I need it.

I am now skeptical this is the case, is anyone able to confirm this will actually happen or should I just cancel the appointment given it will be a waste of time if the technician isn't actually going to dig the new trench.


Hi TonyBu 👋 Thank you for returning to the thread to keep things updated. 

I can see you are in a PM conversation with my colleague. Please do let them know if there are any further issues or if you require support following the appointment. 

🤞 Hope it all goes well! Thanks for your patience in the meantime. 

Wishing you all the best. 🌞


Thank you Molly they are due found tomorrow morning so hopefully it's good news following the appointment