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Infill - How long is a piece of string?

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A large chunk of Weston-super-Mare had RFoG rolled out a couple of years ago. The small estate I live on was missed out during that rollout (they did surrounding streets, within metres, but ignored us). Then VM took a bit of a break and started rolling out XGS--PON in the rest of the town. Then they took another break and are now in the process of filling in more of the missed parts, which includes where I live.

The contractors employed by VM/nexfibe were on the estate through Feb installing L4 cabs (I believe that's the correct terminology) and micro trunking. They've been gone for some weeks now and, predictably, nothing. When I put my postcode in to the checker I just get the "Keep me posted" page. I believe there's a "We're coming soon" page, but I'm not even getting that. I emailed the expansion works team and got the predictable, "got to have the work signed off and test the system" fob off with no idea of timescale. Seems crazy to me to spend thousands digging up the estate to then sit on it. Any thoughts on when the estate could be activated? In other words, how long is a piece of string? 

I've done some reading around how the VM network is put together. From what I understand, L4 cabs are cabled back to an L3. They did not install an L3 during the build. Just enough L4s to cover the houses on the estate. What's more, the trunking they have installed is entirely self contained within the estate. It does not join back to any of the previously enabled RFoG build from a few years ago. It does go past Openreach infrastructure (large chambers in two locations). Could VM be planning to use the Openreach ducts to connect the estate up? This seems unlikely as I thought VM (i.e. nexfibre) were trying to stay away from using Openreach infrastructure.

Using tools such as BIDB and One.Network and I can see they are building a new L3 about 0.5mile away, but that is right in the middle of another piece of infill they are most likely about to start. I can't imagine there is enough capacity on that L3 to cover our estate as well. I've also been through the local authority online planning applications and cannot find any applications for an L3 any closer than the one 0.5mile away. All the other L3s they put in planning for are all located further away from us.

Any thoughts on what the plan might be? And how this might influence when VM complete the work so I can place an order?


Alessandro Volta

The nexfibre network is being built using a combination of Openreach ducts and poles and digging to install their own ducts. It does not overlap with VM's, and as a separate network it probably won't connect with VM's in the field but must have a connection from their L2.5 cabinets to the VM hub sites as VM is using it to provide its services using XGS-PON.

If you don't get a connection from nextfibre there may be the possibility of VM's own XGS-PON, but it's not clear to me if this is good news for you as this network will be built in your area by reusing existing RFoG cabinets.

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Thanks for the reply. 

Interesting that nexfibre will use openreach infrastructure. When I contacted the expansion works team they did confirm to me that it was going to be XGS-PON. etc had the works listed as being for nexfibre. Based on your information that explains why they didn't tie it back in to the existing RFOG VM infrastructure.

So, the million dollar question... when are they going to finish up and make it available? Anyone from VM want to find answer for me? 🙂 

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Anyone able to give any idea of timescales before being able to order?

Hello georox123.

Thanks for your post.

From here we are not able to advise on a time scale without your address. 

With our Community being public it's not advisable to post it on here.

If you could send me a private message, 

With your name address and contact details that would be great.

We can then go away and see if we have any dates set in stone for you.



Thanks for those details georox123.

We have asked the question now for you.

Fingers crossed we get a reply soon, and we will definitely keep you updated.


Thanks Gareth_L. Appreciate you taking the time to ask.