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Connecting Issue for a specific site/game

Joining in


I'm having an issue with GGpoker similar to this topic:

The error is: connection to server is unstable or <0003_403> network cannot be found on the mobile device.

The internet connection is good for everything else, the game would work with vpn or on mobile internet different than VM.

I'm having this issue about 3 days already, before that everything was working fine. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello adasadas


Sorry to hear of the problems with GGpoker via your mobile, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


It's been a few days since your post, you mentioned this is only impacting this one app/site. Has it improved since your original post? Have you tried deleting the cache and data for the app/site and then reboot your handset before trying again?



Hi Rob,

Unfortunately, I still have this problem. I am facing it both on my PC and on mobile device. Since the app is working fine via different internet I consider that the problem is somehow related to the server access. 

Yes, I have tried deleting the cache and data and it didn't help. And again if the app works fine via different internet, I assume it is not related anyhow with hardware. 


Morning @adasadas 

Are any other games affected or just this one?

Forum Team

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Hi John,

Only this specific app.

The thing is that this app at moment of launch starts tool which checks network status to different services(like, etc). And when the problem exists it shows that connection to the "" is bad and that is why the system thinks that I have bad internet connection in general.

I found that in VM there is a problem of connecting to chinese sites and probably that is the reason why I have this issue.

Thanks for getting back to us with regards to this @adasadas,

Were you able to follow the helpful tips provided by that thread to see if they were able to help with your services at all?