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I need help, please :)

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Living room sockets 


Hub in the living room 


Phone socket in my room  

I recently switched from vodafone to virgin media, with vodafone I used a phone socket that was in my room to connect the hub there and then connect my pc as it does not have a wifi adapter and also with an ethernet cable I get faster speeds.

When I got the virgin hub, I tried to install it the same way my vodafone hub was connected, but I realised the virgin hub needs a coax socket, in my room there is not a coax socket of virgin, I looked around my house and it was downstairs in the living room.

Now my pc does not have a wifi adapter and I don’t want to connect my pc via wifi, as I like to stream on twitch, I couldn’t find a solution other than paying to get the virgin media coax socket moved to another room.

Is there any other way?

I researched a little bit and kinda found out that if I connect the hub to the phone socket that is next to the coax socket in my living room, then all the other sockets around the house will work? Is that right or I’m I missing something? If it does work, I will only need to get a box that connects to the phone socket and then to ethernet?


Alessandro Volta

You can't use phone sockets to connect your equipment. The phone cable would not be a suitable spec for network use.

AFAIK, if you have tried a 'Quick Start' kit but have discovered that the VM connection is not in a suitable place you should be able to get a VM tech visit free of charge to move it to where you need it.

Call the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734 and explain the problem.

Yeah I have chosen QuickStart kit, I did not know it was free, anyways I rent will I have to get the landlord permission to move the socket?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The socket you need it shown in the first photo, below the phone one with the ADSL filter.  Thats the connection you need to push the Quickstart cable onto.

EDIT - Scrub the above, misread the problem

You could use Powerline adapter to get a cabled solution to your PC from the Hub.  It's not the best, but should work and will not involve any work to the property.


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Alessandro Volta

You would have to ask your landlord!

It is very common for tenancy agreements to forbid making any modifications to the building, drilling holes in walls etc. etc. So ask your landlord before proceeding but do it swiftly as I think any free wiring changes are linked to the initial setup period. If you want any non-fault wiring changes making by VM after that it is £25 to get a technician out.

Ok thanks I will contact the landlord to ask for permission, I got my router today, so I think I’m still in the setup period, anyways I will contact the tech team to ask and get more information. Thanks a lot