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Ordered QuickStart as I was eligible, now found out I need a wall socket.

Joining in

I am a new customer who has started a broadband only contract for a new flat that I am moving into tomorrow. During the ordering process, I was told I was eligble for QuickStart so I used that option and it is scheduled to arrive at the flat I am moving into tomorrow. Now reading installation instructions in advance of the move, it says you need a virgin wall socket, which I do not know if the flat has and cannot check as I have to be at work today.

Is there a way I can book an engineer in advance? The help site won't let me edit anything about my order, and trying to access 'manage/book a technician' gives an message saying I can't use the feature yet as the service isn't installed. I'm using the whatsapp text chat to try and contact someone, but I have no idea how long that will take.



Alessandro Volta

You should see what you find in the flat when you move in and when/if you actually get hold of the router.

The contact to book a tech would be the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734.

Usual cut/paste reply to this kind of 'missing socket' query (although you don't know yet if you are missing one) is ...

Sometimes there is no wall box, just a trailing cable. The cable could be hidden within, or behind, furniture. Occasionally only a very short stub of wire is left behind often hidden within a blanked-off fitting. The wall box may be branded with the logos of an old cable TV company (not VM). Past occupiers of your property may have removed the cable and sometimes they are removed by other installers, such as satellite TV techs.

If you have a plastic omnibox outside on the wall (where the VM cable comes in from the street) see if you can trace any wires from that into your home.

If no luck, call the number above for a tech installation.