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Any advice on mesh with 5x

Joining in

Hi all,

I’ve just moved into a new house with 2 gig fibre. VM (Ireland) gave me a 5x router.

What’s the most ideal way to setup mesh? Assuming I don’t want to run cables.

Would I be able to add a Deco mesh system? Knowing I can’t put the 5x into modem mode.


Community elder

To avoid Double NAT you'd put the Deco mesh system in AP mode, meaning all routing functions continue to be controlled by the HUB, and the mesh system just extends wireless coverage.

One of the Deco nodes would be next to the HUB wired in via ethernet. The others would be placed in other areas of your home to extend the signal from the main node next to the HUB.

Don't expect 2Gbps speed on wireless due to the limiations of your devices and the use of 1Gbps ethernet ports in the 'chain'.


Alessandro Volta

I would suggest double NAT with the hub 5x till modem mode happens


I've got a 5x and Deco kit I want to set up, like OP is considering. You've helpfully posted some settings previously for the WAN IP and DMZ (thank you for those).

If running the Deco in router mode as you suggest, should DHCP be switched on or off, 1) on the VM Hub and 2) on the main Deco router? Or does it not matter, with the Deco being in a DMZ on that local IP address?

Up to speed

Why not just ask VM to send you some WiFi pods you’re entitled to 3 free, I have 2 & they work brilliantly, you just plug them in & they connect seamlessly also they have 2 Ethernet connections on them, gives me superb coverage all over my bungalow.