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Hub 5x modem Mode with Asus Ax5400 router

Tuning in


I'm new to VM and have just had their new Hub 5x and 1Gig broadband installed.

I am wanting to use my own router I've just purchased the Asus AX5400 mainly so I can setup express VPN. But also for better connection as I'm experiencing quite a few lag spikes and crashes when gaming.

If I connect the Asus to the VM with its factory settings I'm able to connect to the internet via my Asus router however when I set the Hub 5x to Modem mode the WAN light stays red with no internet connection and on the Asus dashboard it says "your ISPs DHCP does not function properly.


Steps I took


1. Login to Hub 5x and enable modem mode, apply changes then waited 5/10 mins for them to be applied.

2. Connect ethernet to port 4 10gbps

3. Reboot Hub 5x connect ethernet from Hub 5x to wan port on Asus router and power it up.

4. Set Asus WAN Type to DHCP

After doing this the light remains red on the WAN is there something I need to do with the VM Hub5x to allow an internet connection to my Asus router?








On our wavelength

The 5x hub does not support modem mode at present, the URL that has appeared on here points the hub to none functional firmware so prevents a connection. 

Modem mode is a ‘coming soon’ feature, there is a discussion on the community about it, sorry don’t have a link. 

That's a shame, I have just purchased the Asus AX5400 hopefully it's here soon as I've had nothing but issues since switch from EE


Return or configure the Asus AX5400 in Access Point mode until the situation with the Hub 5x changes.

The super vague "nothing but issues" reads like issues with the underlying XGS-PON connection, you might what to get focused on resolving that before muddling the situation with additional kit.

Alessandro Volta

Don't configure the Asus in Access Point keep it in router mode

set the WAN IP on Asus to use




DNS and

then DMZ on the hub to


Hi, thanks for this will this still allow me to connect devices like firestick, mobile phones, Alexa etc to the Asus router.

I'm wanting to put express VPN on the router aswell will that still be an option?


Alessandro Volta

Do it and see for the VPN if it works if not wait for modem mode 


It should be fine, ideally you would put the VM hub into modem (bridge) mode and have you own equipment doing the routing features, but currently that simply isn't an option.

Setting it up a 'legacy1' suggests will work, the DMZ option might not be necessary, it depends on your own circumstances and requirements. You will have an issue called double-NAT to deal with, but despite the scary sounding name, it is unlikely to be an issue unless you are running your own servers on your home network which need to be accessed from the outside.

Yeah the double NAT thing was a slight worry but only because I do have an Xbox series X and I'm currently getting issues with the Nat type fluctuatin between open and moderate and I'm not sure if that's what's causing me problems or if the hub keeps dropping out.

On our wavelength

My set up is with a 5x hub, I have the 10Gbs port plugged into a DrayTek router into the WAN1 port, my ADSL line is plugged into WAN2 the router is set to failover to WAN2 if WAN1 goes down. it basically uses the 5x & ADSL as a modems, I don’t have inbound traffic so the double NAT isn’t required, although if needed I would DMZ the 5x to the DrayTek as it’s a pretty powerful router. 

There are a couple of managed switches and a Deco mesh WiFi, an outdoor AP all happily working together. WIFI disabled on the 5x