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Extending Internet Reach

I have a relatively modern Gaming quality PC in my box room (which is currently serving as an office). The PC actually has Wi-Fi built in, but when I try to connect to my Hub 3.0 (which is at the other side of the house), it won't connect. The house ...

Flashing red light on box on wall

So I contacted Virgin on Saturday as the white box on the wall has started to flash red. They ran some tests and said we had connectivity issues and they'd solve it within 24hours or we would get an engineer appointment....we received nothing!I phone...

Lis4242 by Joining in
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Volt benefits

So quick query. I currently have an m125 contract which is now expired. Website states can upgrade to m250 . I also have 02 sim so volt benefits as well. Pay monthly on my phone which should run its course next year. Will probably go sim only at that...

Resolved! Delivery tampered with - should I be worried?

My Hub 5 has just been delivered.  The package had been tampered (opened with a huge hand-sized hole in the package).  I can't find anything that tells me what should have been in the box but I have worked out that the card with WiFi SSID/Password is...

TMC95 by Joining in
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Compensation for non installation

Hi all, does anyone know how long Virgin will pay compensation for non installation of broadband for?Install was originally due to take place on 5/10 which was re-arranged by Virgin to 17/10, engineer turned up but couldn't install as the PON numbers...

Replacement External Box

I posted about a slowdown in this thread, but marked it solved so I’m starting a new thread so a team member can take a look at the pictures and work out how I get an appointment  for a fix.  I gave up after 45 minutes on a music loop on the phone.  ...

IMG_0458.jpeg IMG_0457.jpeg
gjchester by On our wavelength
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Switching on in my area email

Hi,I was wondering if anyone here could possibly give me some information.I was checking the broadband checker via the Virgin Media postcode checker, I received 2 emails recently, one on the 28th of October stating that "In a few weeks' time you'll b...

liamfi94 by Joining in
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Area checker

Hello all,I'm looking to buy a house but retaining VM is important so I checked on the postcode checker and the service is available to the new address. My question is, how accurate is this or is it still subject to survey? They house has no pavement...

Please help me track my parcel

Hi,I have recently moved into a house and ordered M125 Fibre Broadband on 18.11.2023. I do not have a Virgin mobile or home number. On my pre-contract documents and order summary sent to my email upon ordering my broadband I can not see any reference...

Ildiko45 by Joining in
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Isolator cable

Hi,I have just left VM and am returning the Wifi Hub. When VM was installed in 2020, the installer rather than putting a faceplate on the wall installed a white plastic isolator cable directly attached to the end of the black external cable coming fr...