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my mum pays £90 a month for this wifi and it honestly is so bad, don’t get me wrong we’ve been on it for years all our phones are on it aswell and it used to be amazing, but we complained about a year ago because it started getting really bad and they gave us a new router as ours was outdated and since then it’s just gotten worse and worse, we’re paying £90 a month with only 4 people in the house and we’re only hitting like 20mbps at the most, i have to use 4g on my phone if i want to do anything i can’t call anyone or it starts disconnecting in about 5 seconds, defiantly not worth £90 a month we have an extender because it got so bad and the extender did amazing up until about 2 months ago that went to **bleep** too and just doesn’t work either, virgins supposedly the best wifi service in our area but that isn’t true it’s honestly useless


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @clairblair,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear about your ongoing issue with your WiFi, having looked into our systems I can see you would benefit from having a technician sent out to investigate your network, for me to raise this I will need to confirm some information from you in a private message.