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VM Hub 5 WiFi is faster than my Ubiquiti setup

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I'm hoping someone can help me in optimising my WiFi speed as I'm at a loss as to why my Hub 5 is able to produce better WiFi speeds than my full ubquiti set up.

My current setup has my VM Hub5 in modem only mode feeding my UDM Pro (from the 2.5G port on the hub) with the WAN connection - wired I'm getting the full Gig1 connection speeds so no problem there. From the UDM Pro then have my switch (USW-Pro-48-POE) connect via SFP which is then powering 2 access points in my home - U6 Pro and a Nano HD. 

My access point settings are as follows...


  • Channel Width: 20
  • Channel: 13
  • Transmit Power: Auto


  • Channel Width: 80
  • Channel: 157
  • Transmit Power: Auto
  • Meshing: Off
  • Band Steering: Off

I've ensured the APs are in the least congested channels for my area and im getting an average speed ranging between 350-400Mbps on from my iPhone 14 Pro. However, out of sheer curiousity, I decided to test the Hub 5 WiFi and found it was ranging between 550-600Mbps. Rubbing further salt in the wound I should also mention the Hub5 is in my loft making it clearly further away from my Iphone than both access points which are on each floor of the house. Surely the APs should be outperforming the Hub 5?!

I'm hoping this is a config issue of some sort and that someone in this forum would be able to steer me in the direction on how to improve things.

Open to everyones suggestions - thanks in advance.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

2.4Ghz band should be on 1, 6 or 11 only ?  13 will overlap other channels?

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No it looks clear enough to me according to Ubiquiti...



Wise owl

Which AP is the device connecting to at the time of the test?

The Nano HD appears to be Wi-Fi 5?

@carl_pearce wrote:

Which AP is the device connecting to at the time of the test?

The Nano HD appears to be Wi-Fi 5?

I'm making sure I'm testing through the U6- Pro. I even disconnected the the Nano HD to make sure haha!

Does the device show a decent connected speed?

@carl_pearce wrote:

Does the device show a decent connected speed?

It does, all hardwired back to the switch. 

Sorry should have added the Tx Rate to the iphone from the AP is 1.2Gbps

Alessandro Volta

Don't trust 

the AP likely do better at fair bandwidth then what the hub does  


No QOS enabled?

If you do a speed test on two wireless devices at the same time, connected to the same AP, do they add up to more than 350-400Mbps?