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Bridge/modem mode Hub5x

Joining in

Hi, Just joined Virgin as my friend is a customer with a great ubiquiti home network setup.

Virgin was installed a few days back and all my ubiquiti equipment arrived today.

I have just found out that you can't out the 5x routers into a bridge/hub mode so cannot create your own network mesh.

Spoke to support who said they are aware and have created a feature request. 

I am still in my 14 days cancellation period so have to decide whether its worth waiting IF it ever comes.

Does any one have any idea when this feature will come to the 5x router ?

Thanks a mill


Alessandro Volta

Its all up in the air

Really VM may only take notice  if you cancel the cost VM charge for internet there is no reason to be VM customer without modem mode or a way to pass the WAN IP over to your device.



Hub 5x modem mode has no ETA.
Over the last six months, total silence on the matter.