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Hub 5 slow and losing internet

Up to speed

Do you have the virgin mobile app, to check the service? This helps if you have run this before you contact them.

Had the gig package 18 months, but with Hub5 for the last 8 months. last week finally got a speedtest over 960, due to being limited by a gigabit switch, after speaking to PCPro network nerds, got advised to get a 2.5Gig switch. This resulted in Download speeds of 1140 to 1160, but dont think the hub 5 can handle this as I started getting problems with connection and losing connection. Engineer came out to reset and tweak things, changed the hub ans reblanced the system. Replaced the hub5 Last 24 hours have been hell, over 500 dropouts today. But just checked with the mobile - WiFi connection ok, so checked with a laptop WiFi connection on 3 Access points (these conect via a 16 port gigabit switch and a gig network connection) - ok. So changed the connection port on the Hub5 from 2.5 to a 1gig internet OK. Will try the 2.5 again in the morning. 


Community elder

You'll need a managed switch where you can disable 'IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet', since VM have 'broken' the 2.5Gbps ethernet port when this standard is enabled on the device side.