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Super Hub 3 Constant Red Light

Tuning in


Like a few others it appears my SH3 has changed to a solid red light today, presumably because of the heat. It's in router mode and as yet the connection is running, but if others have had to have a router replacement, I'm not sure how long it'll last.

Please could someone from VM confirm next steps please?

Thank you 🙂


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi 6maynqw, 

Thanks for using the Community Forums to get this issue with your Hub looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some concern for you 😥 I would be more than happy to look into this for you!

Thanks for confirming that it's running in Router Mode and that the connection is okay at the moment. 

Can we ask if you've performed a pin-hole reset yet? 

If not, please do this now and let us know if the red light continues/comes back after a few hours. 

If it does, then we'll get this sorted for you no problem!




Thank you for the reply.  I've just performed the pinhole reset and after it rebooted the red light is still on.

Hi @6maynqw,

Thank you for doing that. It's a shame to hear that the problem remains. If you haven't done so already, please follow these steps.

• Turn the power switch off on the back of the Hub.

• Ensure the Hub is upright, in a well-ventilated location, and, if at all possible, out of direct sunlight.

• Then use the power switch to turn the unit back on. The Hub should now operate normally.

If the issue remains after doing this then please respond to the private message that I'll be sending to you shortly and we can go from there.


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi @6maynqw,

Thank you for getting back to me via private message so that we could look into this for you. As we discussed there, a technician visit has now been scheduled and booked.

I'm unable to confirm the date/time of the booking publicly, but this can be checked and managed via the My Virgin Media online account. It may not appear straight away, but after an hour or so it should update and show it.

A fault technician visit is free of charge unless one of the below instances apply:

•    You are not present for the technician visit.
•    The fault is due to your own equipment.
•    The fault is due to damage caused by yourself or someone at the premises which we were not aware of.
•    The fault is due to theft, loss, or removal of equipment.

If any of the above apply, there will be a £25 charge which will be added to the next monthly bill.

You can find more information about this here.

Let us know how the visit goes either way.


Zach - Forum Team
New around here? To find out more about the Community Forums, take a look at our FAQs!