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Issues with Hub5x and Wifi Pod

Joining in

I have recently had the VM Hub5x installed and been happy with speed of wifi in all but 2 of the rooms in my house. These 2 rooms have fluctuating signals between 12mb - 130mb. As one of the rooms is my home office I contacted help number and was sent out Wifi Booster Pod.

Once plugged this in VM Connect says was 2 signals and needed to fix, so let run this and that made signal in the rest of the house even worse??

Have removed the Pod and re-started the Hub and gone back as it was, but how do I setup the pod to improve signal in the rooms which were having poor signals ? 


Alessandro Volta

I (and presumably others) do not understand this paragraph of yours:

"Once plugged this in VM Connect says was 2 signals and needed to fix, so let run this and that made signal in the rest of the house even worse??"

The general principle of the Pod is that it is part of a mesh.  In this case a 2x node mesh, the first node being the Hub 5x.  The location of the Pod needs to be such that it acquires decent signal from the Hub so that it can, in turn, provide good signal to other parts of the house.   For what my opinion is worth, one Pod is not enough; two pods intelligently placed would better relay to more distant locations in the house.

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)

From memory and wish now had taken screen shot it said was something about being 2 wifi networks and needed to "Optimise" which was best ?? Going to have second try tonight so will check proper wording.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Peter9991 

I hope the following helps:-

The pods only work under certain conditions.

Keep your Hub in Router Mode - Do not put the Hub into Modem Mode, as this disables the Wi-Fi and your Pods are connecting to your Hub via Wi-Fi. Likewise, if you use a third-party router it will not work because the Pods are designed to specifically connect directly with VM's Hubs only.

Do not split the SSID – If the SSID is split then the hub treats the two bands as two different standalone networks (the same as picking up your neighbours Wi-Fi when you search for a network). The Smart Wi-Fi cannot move a device between different networks.

Do not disable either bands – If both bands (2.4GHz and 5Ghz) are not switched on then the software cannot move the device for optimisation, which essentially disables the Smart Wi-Fi.

You should also ensure that Chanel Optimisation is enabled in your hub settings.

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