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New contract

Up to speed

Hi, I’m trying to get a new contract offer price, at the moment I’m looking at a spinning virgin logo buffering for 15 minutes after refreshing a couple of times and getting the same, I’m guessing I’m not going to get through to a page/chat.

id really not prefer to call, and wait, is there another option to get a quote?


Dialled in

Just been trying to do the same but the website is a shambles, oops something went wrong is the error i get

been this way for years.

Tried the chat option and stuck in there for 2 hours today and nothing

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for coming through to our Community Forums @Kennewby, and welcome back!

Sorry to hear of the difficulty you've found when trying to obtain a new deal with Virgin Media.

Can you please try clearing the cache on the browser you're using or trying a different browser to see if this will generate the desired result?




t's not the cache, I've already done that.

Thanks for coming back to us @Kennewby 

Have you attempted a different browser?

It may also be worth going into incognito mode to help this page to load



Why is this an issue?

No other issues with any other web pages or web sites?

Sorry to chip in again here but it's down to the shambolic virgin media website

i even had a text message today saying i can have up to 25% off if i renew  but surprise surprise the website gives the usual

oops something went wrong, tried 2 browsers and my mobile

And 3 hours in so called chat with no reply is appalling

Up to speed

I got through after clicking “live chat”

live chat….

I went back n forth with the bot, then I was told this is not a “live chat” this is a messaging service and I’ll need to wait indefinitely…

it’s called live chat…then I’m told by the live chat…this is not a live chat.

You have got to be better than this.

Hi Kennewby,

We're sorry for the wait times, the messaging/ chat service isn't an immediate response and there can be a wait.

If you'd like a faster response we'd advise to call us on 150/ 0345 454 1111 and the team would be happy to help.


I waited and waited, no response