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DEF01 code trying to reset virgin email password

Joining in

Hi there

Virgin email not accessible now for 6 days. Frustrating. I access the mail account via my account. Forgot the password. When i try to regenerate the password, the error message flashes up.

Have tried clearing the cache and using different server as recommended on previous posts. NO LUCK!. Have spoken to VM in Phillipines twice (over 2 hours conversations) & they have set up a referral to IT department. I'm not confident though as they said they would ring me back & haven't. Now been 6 days and nothing.

Set the email up over 30 years ago so cannot remember key words / data protection details from that far back if likely to be asked. I need somebody to allow me to regenerate my password so I can use the email. Thats all.

Please HELP; now desperate!!  


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @MarkB66 Thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media Community forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the email password being reset. 😢
Are you able to try another device or even private mode?

Usually the DEF01 error code is for My Virgin Media, are you on the correct sign in page?
Let us know. 🧾

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Evening Ilyas

Thanks for you message.

I sign in on My Virgin Media with my google email account. i HAVE TRIED ON BOTH my laptop and mobile phone devices with no success.

I have tried to use both GOOGLE AND MICROSOFT EDGE servers with no success. I have cleared the cache.

My VM asks to me sign in with my google email. My password does not work so I try and change the password with no success . I then try and reset the password but the DEF01 message comes up saying error message; try again later. This I have been trying for 7 days.

It means I am constantly going round in circles getting nowhere.

Since the move to sign in with an alternative email address for security reasons, I have had to change my password 3 times since January., Usually a verification code is sent to my gmail address, this when activated gives me a new password, and then hey presto my email seems to work again. A couple of weeks later, I have to repeat the process. Unfortunately none of the above worked this this time.

I have been on the phone to the Phillipines team for over 2.5 hours over past 7 days as well as being cut off on one occasion. My account details do not seem to be recognised and given I have had the email account for ovcer 30 years, I have forgotten likely security questions I suspect.

I have now raised it as an issue to be addressed with the IT team today who have given me an IT reference number.

I am not confident though that VM will resolve this given the poor customer treatment thus far.. Please HELP


This is the message I receive. I have deleted my gmail address for security reasons

Screenshot (5).png

Hi MarkB66, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this. Given that this has been referred to IT, it's likely that we will need to wait for this process to complete however let's take a closer look in case there is something we can do. 

I will need to confirm some information with you to pass security so I have sent you a direct message to allow us to do this with you in a private space. If you are using a PC/Laptop then you can just click on the little ✉ at the top right-hand side of the page to access your inbox. If you are on a mobile/tablet device then instead click on the little circle icon in the top right then select 'Messages'. 😊


Forum Team

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