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Upgrade - when?

Hi I upgraded my internet via the half price campaign email: Upgrade from M250 to M350 for only £3 extra a monthThis was on 27th Sept, I've not heard a single peep since? How long does this take? Thanks

simon1988 by On our wavelength
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Where has my Upgrade disappeared to

So on the 1st I received a email offering me double my current speed of 500 for an extra £3 a month.So I clicked the upgrade now button and signed up for 1gigIts now the 6th and still no speed boost, I tried to call about this on the 5th and the Indi...

GaryD_0-1696614523916.png GaryD_1-1696614655765.png GaryD_2-1696614985658.png
Gary-D by Joining in
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Sporadic slow upload speeds

I recently renewed my broadband contract and upgraded from the M350 to the M500, since then of an evening my upload speed goes very low, impacting my gaming.What will happen is i'll start to lag on my Xbox (wired) and on particular games it will comp...

Swaino by Joining in
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broadband terrible again !!! (every month since sept 2022)

again i have terrible broadband , especially dropouts and terrible upload speed , on my 500m broadbandhere again are my tests results,  please vierging media sort this out, it has been over a year now !!very bad again!!!both abysmal (especialy upload...

Screenshot 2023-09-30 at 10-19-06 Share Broadband Quality Monitor thinkbroadband.png Screenshot 2023-09-30 at 10-18-10 RealSpeed - SamKnows.png

Upload super slow ~0.2mbps. Download speed normal (~80mbps)

Finding that working from home is impossible today (11/10) download is fine (if a little in and out) but upload is unbelievably slow ~0.2mbps. Nothing has changed on my network side in months. Have tried a restart of router with no luck.

ec41hw by Tuning in
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Getting half the download speeds on Gig1 Fibre

Since the 30th of September, internet has been flaky. Speed tests since then have shown my download is around 500Mbps instead of the expected 1000Mbps. Upload speed was also being very low at 35Mbps but after a reboot it went back to the expected 100...

sam-knows.PNG sam-knows-b.PNG speedtest.PNG think-broadband-b.PNG
FilipeB by Joining in
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massive lag spikes. Voice calling nearly impossible

My connection has been absolutely shocking for latency and lag spikes recently. For over a month.I have tried unplugging everything off the network and leaving it for a few hours and everything. I include the BQM for my router for the last 24 hours. ...

kayrah87 by Joining in
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Next to zero upload speed and intermittent internet

Since yesterday I am getting next to zero upload speed and intermittent internet which makes it impossible to make work calls, send emails, interact with apps, connect to a vpn etci have tried several things suggested on VM community (e.g. turning th...

IMG_3366.png image.jpg
Scotty8 by Joining in
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