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Resolved! M125 - Suboptimal Performance

Hi,I am looking for some advice - I am really very unhappy with the performance of my WiFi at the moment. On M125 package.Been with VM for 4 years, my contract price has just gone up. I am finding that the performance of this WiFi is simply not justi...

Having to restart my Router almost daily

Hi Guys,Recently I have had to restart my router (normally in the morning when I start my PC) to get my speed back/  When I use fast.com it shows me as having roughly 60MB when it is 1Gig, after a router reboot It is back to what it should be.I am al...

MrBasher by Joining in
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Disconnects and low Upload speed.

Hi just wanted to have someone check on my connection had major issues last year that was sorted with a Hub 5. However the last few months I've been getting disconnected every few days and my upload speed is around 23Mbs when it should be 100Mbs.Woul...

Resolved! 'Upgrade' to 250MbS but no change to speed

I guess this is a fairly typical issue, so apologies for repetition. I've just renewed the contract after the usual hassle to get a reasonable cost. Decided to 'upgrade' to 250MbS for £4.00 on the final screen – I should be more careful of impulse bu...

Resolved! Short n Sweet please. 😎👍

Hi, What sort of speeds should I be getting through my Xbox’s on the 1Gig. It is a wired connection.

Poor service

How bad is vm! Internet slow, tv flickering and to top it off only get a virtual chat! I pay £130 a month for a terrible service. Time to call it a day. Useless

Sishake by On our wavelength
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0.45 download on 250 volt package

I’ve recently switched my broadband from m500 to the new Volt 250 package as I went out of contract on the m500 and the price was extortionate. I’ve been on the volt 250 package for just under a week and for the past 2 days I’ve had between 0.45mbs -...

0.45 download on 250 volt package

Any reason why the service is so bad on Volt 250mbs? I’ve recently switched my package from M500mbs as the price out of contract was extortionate, I’ve had volt 250mbs for about a week and the past 2 days I’m floating between 0.45mbs to 15mbs downloa...

Resolved! Speed halved randomly

Hi,I’m on the Virgin Volt M250 package and it’s been flawless for about 2 weeks, but today the power tripped and the speed has gone back down to M125… is this normal and how can I get the volt on re-attached? Thanks