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FTTP new install and my existing tech….

Tuning in

Just looking for a little bit of info, hoping to finally get better internet speeds with VM installing new network locally, despite my street being done in November, I’m still awaiting turn on and install date, but looking for early advice as I maybe changing a few things around the house soon. 

At the moment the village I live in can only get services offered by Openreach, due to city fibre losing a local contract out long wait for decent speeds continue. So at the moment I moved my socket using a cat5 cable crimped with jelly crimps and NTE moved to my favoured router location. I may look to move this to the garage or loft in near future. So I’m wondering, when I can finally get VM, this is looking to be FTTP as they have blown fibre down the tubes to the VM marked plastic lid at my garden. At the house end is a ONT fit internally so I can use my existing cat 5 (only about 10m) I also have had a 2.5gb connection over this cable from router to pc with a 2.5gb NIC so I know the cable is ok for 1gbps). 

I would be looking at ordering either the 1gbps or 2gig if available at a decent price. I currently run a Asus GT-AXE16000 that has a 2.5gb and 2x10gb ports so should handle everything ok. 

is it a ONT style like Openreach or is it like when I was on old VM co-axe and had to plug my router into the VM router set to modem mode? 

also does anyone have asus router setting so I have them early. 



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FTTP customers will be provided a HUB 5x, which is essentially a ONT and router combined (You can see the fibre cable at the bottom of the image).

Unfortunately there is no modem mode currently, so if you want to use your own router you'll be double NATing for a while.


Tuning in

That isn’t what I wanted to hear but thanks for your reply. I assume there isn’t any other way around that, ie using a Openreach ONT or a different modem?  Is the fire spliced outside like OR? 

No, VM do not allow you to use your own ONT.

The fibre will be run into your home, terminated in a wall socket. You are then provided a lengh of fibre cable to plug the HUB 5x into the wall socket.

Alessandro Volta

It's standard practice for the fibre to be terminated outside and, for XGS-PON, to be run to a combined ONT/router (unlike Openreach where the ONT is separate and fixed to the inside wall).

Hub 5, TP-Link TL-SG108S 8-port gigabit switch, 360
My Broadband Ping - Roger's VM hub 5 broadband connection

Tuning in

Thanks for all replies, I’ve got more to think about now than when I first posted 😂😂. Can I set the hub to direct all traffic to a specific ip address? Wondering if I can just forward all traffic to my asus. Arghhhhhh. Wonder how long the modem mode will take to bring in. I knew there would be some issue with just jumping from one to another 😂

Alessandro Volta

If you are going for the 2Gbps you'll need better cable than your Cat5.  Cat6 will do the job. 

- jpeg1
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I’ve already got it running at 2.5gbps. So I have 2 cat 5 cables (not sure if cat 5 or cat 5e but on the roll it just said cat5). I have one that I’m using for the copper (I actually work at OR so hence why I know about their options). Used the cat 5 running externally to move my NTE to my router placement then the other cat 5 going to my pc is approx the same distance and this has a link of 2.5gbps so should be ok, anything longer or if it wasn’t then I would. IMG_0427.jpeg

You can port forward (Assuming the same options are available on the HUB 5x as older HUBs), however, I'm unsure if it will result in the desired outcome:

Tuning in

I might just have to put up with double Nat to start with, I can always try port forwarding all traffic to my current router, I have a no-ip account so I’m hoping that my asus router can still see the wan ip and let me connect via that even behind the VM one.