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Connect but no box outside

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I am moving tot a new house and when I checked the postcode it says I can get Virgin Media. However, looking around the property there is no CATV boxes. Is there another way of getting virgin media from through the existing infrastructure? or is likely its incorrect that my postcode  can get Virgin Media.  

One reason I wonder this is because the street running up to mine has the VM logoed CATV boxes. The micro trench that connects them runs to a chamber at the end my street (about 4m from the house). The chamber  is very close and is linked via trench to a BT chamber directly under a telegraph pole.   The trench then runs along my street  without any links to the properties. 


Alessandro Volta

There is more than one way that VM can connect you, depending on which type of infrastructure they are currently installing in your area. 

From your description it's possible that you could get overhead fibre to your house from the pole, or coax cable from a connection point in the pavement. 

You'll only know by calling VM Sales, or placing an order on line. But if this is to be a new contract, treat quoted installation dates with caution and do not cancel your existing service until VM is in and working. 


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