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No Installation after more than a month!

Tuning in

Hi all,

I'm just having a terrible customer service and I'm thinking to even escalate this thing to ofcom.

After requesting the moving home process to my new flat in London, VM was supposed to schedule an appointment to install the service.

The engineers came twice without doing anything concrete and VM keeps pushing on moving the new appointment.

They also lied to me twice on the dates and I had to take time off work to wait for nothing - I've already raised a complaint for this.

Now, every day I'm trying to contact the customer service which results 2 hours wait, some random promise to fix the issue and calling me back but nothing happened.

I'm exhausted as this thing started mid-April!! I cannot even cancel the service because of their stupid exit fee (+£300).

Entire VM is just a crap. How can I escalate this further? Anyone from VM here?


Alessandro Volta

You should be eligible for the compensation scheme for the delay in transferring your service

Have the VM tech's said why they cannot connect you?

Do you know how the VM cabling is fed into your flat?

When VM cables are fed from a central comm's room in a block of flats, we sometimes read topics on here about VM tech's failing to gain access to the central comm's room to make the necessary connections. Other issues can include problems with access to flats above first floor height. There could be a long list of other reasons too.

When did you make your complaint to VM and what was the outcome of that?

If you want to leave VM with no EDF you may be able to escalate to the ombudsman and request that you want to cancel your VM service with no EDF as VM has failed to reconnect you within a reasonable timeframe.

You might run into issues though if VM can (legitimately) claim that there is some sort of third party involvement that is preventing the installation from progressing.

You should get a reply here from the VM forum team in due course (usually within a few days) although the help they can offer with installation issues seems to be quite limited these days.


I had a chat after being 3 hours with the customer service.

They were forcing me to cancel my existing product with exit fees and buy a new one because there was a bug in the system that couldn't allow them to reschedule any appointments.

Result: I cancelled the subscription.


Alessandro Volta

So you cancelled your VM service move, paid VM a £300 EDF, then set up a new VM account at your new address?

Just cancelled with no fee because they recognised that it was just a mess and they couldn't resolve the issue at all.

I'll go with another provider I suppose.

Alessandro Volta

At least you have escaped VM but keep a very close eye on all the admin to get your VM account properly shut down (particularly final billing and written confirmation from VM that you can leave with no EDF). Keep good records of all of this.

The forums are full of past topics in which VM says one thing and does something else when an account closes and your experience of VM bungling so far suggests it would be quite possible for you to receive further administrative bungling in the future before you are finally free of VM.

Thanks. Yes I requested an email with written confirmation of cancellation and no fees. Thankfully I've got it straight away.

I was happy customer for 4 years and now that I moved home I wished to keep them but, after all this, I'm happy to have escaped this crap!

Hi there @giuse1990 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue and it has resulted in you leaving us, I can fully understand your frustrations and thank you so much again for your post. 

If there is anything else we can help with please do let us know and we will do all we can to assist.