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Have to keep restarting Hub3

I've only been using Virgin for about 3 weeks now, after a week I had to restart the hub when speeds dropped to about 2Mbps, but I've now had to restart it 3 days running.Is this sort of thing a common teething issue, or is there a genuine problem al...

Cannot find hub on VM Connect

HiI have just had a Hub 5 installed and I cannot find it on the Wi-Fi connect app.I get two results. “We can’t find your hub” prompting me to try again or “Installing your hub”, which it will try for 30 minutes or so before saying it was unable to.So...

What type of internet is it?

Hi.Just a quick question.Trying to set up a TP mesh system and it’s asking for what type of connection I have. The choices areDynamic, Pppoe, static, l2tp, pptp or ds lite.I’ve got the hub in modem mode & im not too tech savvy so don’t really know ho...

Dom1 by Tuning in
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New equipment

Against my better judgement I decided to go back to virgin tv I have all other services , however I requested an engineer to install both boxes. Looking at my account it says 25 May although it says 8-1 which would seem that an engineer would be book...

Gas pipe strike cancer patient

 I'm a single mum who was being treated for cancer and had The most awful experience with virgin and their  contractors.  I still can't believe happened and virgin have sent a cut and paste complaint response to the misery they caused me no fixed wal...

Full fibre availability

Hi, Virgin were out laying cables on my street back in November/December and when I checked on the website it said they were bringing the full fibre upgrade service to my area soon, now flash forward to May and when I go on the website, it says they ...

RhysL16 by Joining in
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