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VM connect app can’t find Hub 5

Just joined

Hi I have had the hub 5 for ages now but for some reason my phone (android) can not find my hub. I have uninstalled and re installed the app and re booted the rooter but still nothing, please help! Thanks xx 😘 


Alessandro Volta

You don't need it VM stopped supporting it



You should be able to manage the Hub 5 via its menu at :

If this also does not work, make sure the Android device is not using a VPN and is not using a Private DNS.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Rachy21

Thanks for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

Sorry to hear that your Hub is not showing on the Connect App. I know you said that it's a Hub 5, but can we just double check it's not the 5x you're referring to?

There's no known issues with the Hub 5 and the Connect App, however the Hub 5x isn't compatible with the Connect App just yet.

Do you perhaps have a VPN in use on your device?