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Agreed new contract - but not implemented

Tuning in
  • I made a new agreement with VirginMedia on Feb 18th of this year (and received email confirmation)
  • The updated service has not been implemented 
  • I am now being billed at a far higher rate, despite a new agreement being in place
  • I have spent about 20 hours on the phone, webchat and whatsapp trying to resolve this
  • Nobody has any visibility to what is going on and I am passed around
  • Three times, I have been told to wait - 7 days - 15 days and it will appear - nothing has happened
  • They say they have called me back to discuss - no calls received, and apparently nothing on their system to say why they 'called back'
I entered into an agreement with VM and expect it to be honoured. 
If the situation were reversed and I decided not to follow through with the agreement, VM would cut me off, and take me to court to collect the debt. But in this situation, I am now paying substantially more - and the new agreement is being completely ignored. 
How can I get some resolution to this?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @crispy116 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of the new contract dispute you have and the service received.

I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

Forum Team

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Tuning in

PM was sent yesterday. No update - same as the rest of VM I guess 😕