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Websafe not blocking apps on iPhone and iPad eg Instagram

On our wavelength

I have lots of sites blocked through websafe and this works if searching for that site through a browser but it no longer blocks sites if they are accessed via an app.

example Instagram, I cant access it though a browser search so that part is working but I can access it through the app.

this has just started happening and I don’t know why, the apps used to be blocked but now it doesn’t work. I think it’s since an Apple update but I’m not sure, my iPad and iPhone isn’t using a vpn.

Please help thanks.


Does this issue have a fix date?

used to be so easy to go to my shortcut and apply remove settings (good way to block YouTube from kids!). Now website link takes back to homepage and have to dig through pages to get to link.

when you do eventually find the page it’s lost the websites previously saved.

why do so many of the virgin improvements makes things worse? I.e 360 box is less user friendly than last one especially when it comes to series links

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Whilst waiting for the forum team to respond consider using another service that provides similar or better functionality in the meantime. This can be done by changing the DNS settings of either:

  • your home network if using a third-party route — DNS cannot be changed on Hub; any devices connecting should automatically use the DNS configured unless manual set not to
  • on the device itself

Examples of such DNS service providers are:

On our wavelength

Hi 用心棒. I have effectively worked around this in a similar way.  The computer where I really need to do this runs Linux so I have changed the system-wide /etc/hosts file to set the IP address to for any website I want to block.  It's enough to handle my 11-year old's browsing habits on the one computer he gets to use.

I am installing a new router at the moment with OPNsense and Squid to try and manage this without relying on VM, although being able to administer this through the cloud would be useful.

Best regards,





Thank you but what does "awaiting an update" means? If this is a bug they should fix it.
Thanks for the suggestions but I don't want to buy another router and I don't want to configure DNS settings or all the devices I have.

Hi @chrys0111


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.


I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the listed websites being removed.


Could I please clarify with you please which My Virgin Media profile you are using? 


We are currently migrating our customers to a new page for MyVM page, if you are on the new page, this may be why you are having this error and we can get it reported and resolved as quickly as possible if so. 


Could you please tell us which page you land on when using and hover over the sign in page and look at the bottom left of the screen please you should see  in a small grey box. 


If you see this, we will know you're on the new profile. 


Similarly, the web safe page will look different.


Old page:

New page:


If you could also please let me know which websites you are adding we can take a look at that internally also if needed. 


Please pop back to me when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Hi Welshdan, 

Thanks for your post on this and apologies to hear you're affected too. We don't have any news on this one as of yet I'm afraid. As and when we do, we'll be sure to update the thread with the information. 

For now, if you're having trouble accessing the pages and want us to update the settings then we can do this from this end. 


Forum Team

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Any update please? 


My account number is [removed] When I click at  I land here

I then click at the profile icon (top right) and then to "sign in to my virgin media". I land here

After the successful login I land here

I then go to online security > websites and I add the websites as indicated in the screenshot below


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This should now be resolved for you all. 

Please do post back on this thread if you have any further issues and we'll investigate.




Hi, I'm still having issues with saving any changes. Adding and removing websites isn't working. Same with enabling and disabling any of the Web safe options