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Stream FAQs

STREAM FAQs: What is Stream?Stream is our new TV product providing a subscription-based streaming service. It's a flexible offering, allowing you to choose and manage your subscriptions yourself and not be bound to a minimum contract term for TV serv...

Zach_R by Forum Team
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Stream discount not applied

Hi, I contacted over phone but they didn’t seem to understand. My stream discount hasn’t been applied for the month. I kept getting told it’s a pro rota charge because I’ve changed DD dates but that’s been added to my bill cover 21st September-30th. ...

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cnowell2 by Joining in
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Start up costs query

To save hanging on the phone for 45 mins...LOLI signed up to special offer of M250 for £15 for 6 mths then standard cost after.Plus Stream Box and £8 a month subscription.Advert says NO SETUP COSTS.So I worked out 1st bill to be £35 for Stream, 2 x £...

Complaint about stream

New to Vm has anyone else had issues adding Netflix to stream? It says pending and redirecting and then nothing happens.  I have spent over 45minutes on the phone to technical who did not have a clue what I was talking about, really unhappy with the ...

lgofton1 by Joining in
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Unable to login to Virgin TV Go

Whenever I try to login to Virgin TV Go I get an error saying Oops, I cant be logged in, Sign in is currently not possible. Please check back soon. Recently moved house if that makes a difference..

jackt24 by Joining in
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TNT ultimate frozen

Hi All,Just checking if this is a virgin media problem or just mine.I was watching the Wolves vs liverpool game yesterday on TNT ultimate and the picture froze and become unresponsive.I switched over to TNT sports 1 HD and the game was fine. I kept t...

paul1973 by On our wavelength
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