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Channel 4 Grey Screen

Hi all! Trying to watch live TV. Channel 4. Every 10 seconds I get grey screen, but the audio remains. If I channel hop up and down the picture comes back and then grey screens again. I’ve tried all the reboots etc… issue remains. has anyone seen a f...

Winn123 by Tuning in
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Stream -Volt Re-Visited

As per tille...I see via my offers O2 inc' Volt have resurfaced, does this now mean existing Stream/VM-O2 Mob users can add another sim and qualify for Volt benefits.thanks

Donfor40 by Superfast
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Resolved! Stream box

Hi so plugged in the stream box 1st time today and nothing seems like it is stuck in standby mode for a brief second comes up on screen with a image of power plug and then nothing tried everything and will not come out of standby 

Failure to communicate

Hello,I have a recently arrived stream box which, from unboxing, refuses to pair with the stream box. The remote will advertise to a mobile phone, pair, and the phone reacts to the keyboard commands.Support are sending me a replacement remote, which ...

Multicast or Unicast streams?

Looking to get Virgin Stream.However, the subject says it all. I currently subscribe to NowTV which are Unicast streams. This means Sky Sports streams are anywhere from 30s-60s behind the live action.BT offer NowTV via their BT TV Pro box - but these...

Humph1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Virgin Stream One for All universal remote

Hi I have been using a one for all remote for my virgin 360 box and have changed to virgin stream. The code doesn’t work for the stream box and none of the codes listed for Virgin Media work either.Does anyone know what the 4 digit code should be for...

Stream box turning on and off

Hi my internet has been fitted today all working good apart from the stream box just seems to be turning on staying on for a couple of minute then turns of them comes back on again it’s brand ne so don’t no why it doing this 

Jb20 by Joining in
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Existing tv customer wanting stream

Hiya,is it possible to add a stream box to my package please? I have the ummph pack, tv, bb, phone etc and it looks like one of these boxes will be perfect for my kitchen. do you get to watch all the channels you subscribe to please?how much are they...

Conbrue by On our wavelength
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