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Reset users password for the locked address.

Tuning in


I am very concerned it’s about the police raid earlier this month in Grimsby which there have been serious cybercrime which I think he been selling user passwords which he have hacked into users server or their computer, but I’m sure that despite my E-mail address which virgin have to lock it that to date it is still active on the locked e-mail servers from 27th October 2021.

I have had difficulty getting access to my virgin e-mail address it’s a 3rd party address & there it’s still other blueyonder & virgin address is still reachable to my devices accept only one is is locked which it’s illegal that I’m registered deafblind that it’s should be on a priority ex customer account without a virgin service. 

I have the ms outlook account that it is registered on the password recovery e-mail that it is registered address & I have the problem that there is no way to get the recovery security code e-mail because their server cannot recognised the login detail after being hacked after they virgin discovered a malware virus installed on their e-mail servers since August 2021 that they have to lock it for security reasons. This is required all users to have the password reset after the theft of users login account login details & doesn't this is linked to the cybercrime in Grimsby since the police raid in the area? If so how can I change my password to be on a safe side for all the active e-mail addresses that I don’t have a virgin service in my area from aug. 2019 which it is most important that all password should be changed asap including the locked e-mail address that it’s should be a password reset to get access again asap.