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Install Connection Query

Tuning in
Just wanted to ask, I’ve placed my order for the Volt M350 package. I’ve recently renovated and the existing coax cables were cut outside in the box and fed under the new drive. From the box pictured, a separate coax travels back under the drive across the window and inside the house to behind a blanking plate. This is where you can see two cables circled - the wrapped one travels right to inside the house. 
It looks as if someone has been today  and installed a connector and new wire in the box as seen in the picture attached. That wire wasn’t there before and I didn’t think they needed to add a new one. You can see the two ends that were already there (circled). 
Can I just confirm that this will still be connected to the existing wire in that box which feeds under the drive, to the other side of the window and then in to the house? I’ve had it confirmed that this wire is live so I don’t see a reason why not. 

Thanks in advance. IMG_3180.jpeg

Ok. I might buy one then just to be safe. 

Are there any specifics on coax cables. I’m not sure of the specs on the existing one but surely it will be good enough? 

Sorry to mither, just want to have everything right. 

VM use their own spec of wire, so I'm unsure on the specifics.

Where did you get the coax that was run under the drive?

I’m unsure as it wasn’t done by myself. 
I think the coax that runs from the box to the other side of window and into the living room is a new bit of coax but unsure of specs. I could try to find out. I assumed it would work - could they test it?

It's all about the power levels and 'noise' that can occur, which the engineer should be able to test.

They may want to run a new cable if they find the cable you have isn't up to scratch.

They may just be grateful a cable is already run ready to connect up!

Yeah fair enough. I’m just concerned they may need/want to pull a new one through which could be messy and disturb the drive/internal wall. Might just have to say no if they suggest that..