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Hub5 Power Supply broken

Just joined


I've received my Hub5 upgrade yesterday.

Unfortunately, the power supply arrived broken. The top prong on the power supply plug has broken off and I'm unable to plug it in.

My Hub4 no longer works, so I haven't got a connection.

I've been onto live chat 3 times. Yesterday, they said they had ordered it and should be here in 3-5 business days. I spoke to them again today, as I hadn't received a dispatch email. They placed the order today, which seems like they didn't place the order yesterday. I spoke to them a few hours later, and they said they didn't know when it will be dispatched.

I feel a little lost on what to do, but I'm assuming it's classed as loss of service.

Would anyone be able to recommend an alternative power supply, if possible? Tomorrow will be my third day without a power supply, which means no internet.

Thank you in advance


Wise owl

Do you mean the actual three pin plug is damaged?

Yes, the 3 pin plug.

If it's the plastic one it should continue to work:

Yes, it is the plastic one. Is it safe to use without it or Is it maybe worth glueing it back on?


Thank you

For the time being yes, as it doesn't do anything other than support the PSU in the socket.

Thank you Carl, I appreciate the reply and the help. I'll give it try glueing it back on. Image below of the plug.


Should be fine to use as is, unless it falls out of the socket!