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Impossible to cancel

Joining in

Placed an order with Virgin Media for broadband that I decided to cancel.  Called them the same day I placed the order and was told during a 30 minute phone call the order had an error and had not gone through.  I told them I had received the order email and pre contract.  They still insisted no order was on their system.  Since then I have received further emails, direct debit set up, contract and delivery instruction.  I called again asking to cancel.  During this 50 minute phone call I was transferred, put on hold numerous times and then they hung up on me.  I have also tried using the chat service with no answer.  How do you cancel?  I will be sending a tracked letter tomorrow and contacting Ofcom.  This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced.


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Forum Team

Hi @LisaR00 

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Sorry for the confusion here. I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

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Hi John,  since posting I tried phoning again Tuesday morning.  This time I was being transferred for the 2nd time when the phone disconnected.  I was getting funny looks in the office because how many times do you need to say you want to cancel.  At lunch time I then had to goto a post office to send the cancellation notification via special delivery.  On Wednesday morning Virgin Media sent a notification to my current supplier to terminate my service with them.  So I had to phone them to tell them what’s been going on.  Then back on the phone to Virgin Media when finally I got put through to someone who has de-activated the service.   I hope this is the end of it.

Alessandro Volta

The regulator OFCOM is currently investigating this very problem with Virginmedia. You can help them by following this link


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