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Email Verify

Joining in

Original verification email, the link took me to a page that says the service is unavailable,

Now I cannot get a new verification email sent, very appalled, its been over a week with no progress, only trying to do a simple task


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi CaroleAMS. 

Welcome and thank you for posting on our forums. 

If you can please clarify what it is you are trying to verify? 

Do you have any screen shots of the error or what pops up? Please make sure when you do send a screen shot your private details such as account number is covered. 

Thank you. 

Ari - Forum Team

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Joining in

Have posted before same issue

Email verification link is NOT being sent, need to finish setting up account


Need to verify email to finish setting up Virgin Media Broadband account,

Verification email is not being sent to meverificationNOtSentPic.PNG

I would ring customer service you may have accidentally spelt the email wrong. The customer service team can resend it and it can take upto 15 min. Ask the agent to give u a call back an hr later or stay on the line worst case the would have to sent to another team that can take 5 days. Again if that’s the case the agent should call back after the time elapsed to see if u are ok

Good Afternoon @CaroleAMS, thanks for coming back to us and I'm sorry to hear of the issue with the E-Mail verification not being sent.

Can you please confirm if you have since been able to since receive the required E-Mail?

Kindest regards,


I've been having have same issue ever since I registered with Virgin Media back in May.

Customer support keeps saying "it's a known issue". Hasn't been resolved yet. It's now especially annoying since I need my Virgin Media account working before I can access the O2 Priority service.


Hey Cue,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your new online account, what happens, when you try to register for your online account, would you be able to provide a screenshot of the issues? This can help us determine the issues and get this resolved for you. 

Kind Regards,


Hey Steven,


Thanks for the reply. If I try to register with the same email address, I get a prompt asking me to verify my email.

"Please check your inbox and confirm your email address by clicking the ‘verify my email’ link."

I didn't receive an email. I click on "I didn't get an emailI didn't get an email". I don't get an email either.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Apologies for the issues faced Cue,

So we can investigate it further I've dropped you a PM.

The message will appear within the purple envelope icon.