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VM app showing wrong payment due date

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The virginemdia app is showing my next payment being overdue (apparently on 11/10) but your website is showing the correct payment date (31st October).


This is not the first time that your app has displayed incorrect information, every time I check thee app for the next payment date it always has the OVERDUE banner and the wrong payment due date.


I posted some time ago about the inconstancy between the app and your own billing website here:


and was told to go by the date on the app despite being completely wrong.


Just joined

I also have this same question and I cannot find any proper answers on the internet and also need a solution. Works like a charm!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi shadowwraith, thanks for posting and welcome back to our community.

Sorry to hear that you're receiving incorrect information on the Virgin Media app.  I would like to help you resolve this.  I am going to send you a private message.  Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of your screen.



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Recieved "Bill is ready" Email from vm this morning showing payment date of 31st October, but the app is still showing (Bill for 11 Sep - 11 Oct 2022 Payment due now)

your billing website and the bill that was emailed to me both show

Bill date: 11th October
Payment due: 31st October

Hi @shadowwraith

I can see that might colleague is in an open private message with you requesting further details to discuss your billing concern. 

If you respond to them via private message with the requesting information, they'll be able to assist you further and hopefully resolve your query. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Joining in

I pay by direct debit and have still received a late payment notification through my credit report!


But I cannot access my account (nor have I been able to for two months) as Virgin media have not disassociated my old account (which I left in July) from the email address I use, so I can't even see my bill!

Hi @Evonwo,

Welcome back to our community forums and sorry to hear of your ongoing account and billing issue. I can however see that a member of the team has reached out to you via PM. Please give them a response so they can look into this and best help.


Forum Team

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That PM was sent by mistake to me instead of someone else - I had a subsequent PM stating that.


I phoned customer services this morning because of the late payment impacting my credit rating

Thanks for the message @Evonwo on the forums.

I've had a look and can see one of my colleagues has reached out.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs