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Need a COAX tv port fitting

Tuning in


I have VM broadband already in place for the last 18 months, and I am looking at upgrading to get the TV packages as well. We live in a terrace house with the living room at the back of the house, and our internet port is upstairs in the front of the house (Office).

my question is, how would an engineer get a coax port fitted in the living room? We rent the property so cannot drill through interiors walls or take up floors etc. 


If we took out a new 18 month bundle and the engineer cannot fit a TV coax port, what would happen to our package? Do we still have to pay for the full 18 months but without TV? 

I know the VM stream box is an option but that works out a lot more expensive as we have been offered £40 for M500, Maxit TV (including TNT sport), if we got a stream box it would be £57 M350 + £10 for TNT sport and £8 for entertainment each money so nearly double the cost. 

It is such a huge shame that VM are so massively behind with their technology compared to Sky.

Anyone else has this issue and can advice how it was resolved? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Good evening @Nixond1 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Your options would be a Stream box then if cannot have the cabling done in the area where you want to have the TV 👉

Literally just needs to connect to your WiFi (or Ethernet if using any Powerline adapters) and away you go :).

View our YouTube video that explains more and how to set it up 👉

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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A stream box seems okay but what kind of offers do you do to costumers in this situation? Do you bundle broadband and stream together? 

if I wanted a stream box how do I get one and you be willing to waiver the activation fee? 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Nixond1 wrote:


It is such a huge shame that VM are so massively behind with their technology compared to Sky.

Anyone else has this issue and can advice how it was resolved? 

Stream IS the new technology, & has no recording capability, so is seen as just a streamer. This is due to the broadcaster’s restrictions & not Virgin. The V360 boxes have recording capability & are broadcast format so you have to have coaxial cables. The same goes for SkyQ & you need a dish installed with the primary box as well. Only their multi-room boxes are fed over WiFi. Their Stream product is VERY restricted recording wise, so is currently not a direct replacement for SkyQ.

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Hi Nixond1, 


We can't do package changes over the forums, however if you call the team they will be able to look at the best prices and deals available for you and let you know if we have any current offers to waive the activation fee.

You can call on 150 from a Virgin line or 0345 454 1111 from any other line. 
Alternatively you can drop the team a message via WhatsApp on 07305 327 112

Vikki - Forum Team

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