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Password reset not working again

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Since the Virgin Media homepage has been updated the password reset on the website does not work. I now can't get in to my account as even though i'm putting the correct details for my account in (correct DOB and correct answer to security question) it comes up as incorrect. I've had a freind try with their account and the same is happening to them. This has only happened since the interface of the page has been updated relatively recently, i've been able to update my password only a few months ago using the old interface. I've tried using multiple browsers (chrome, firefox and edge) and all don't work.

Please fix this.


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Is the issue with your main account or a subsidiary e-mail account? I had an issue recently where I was unable to reset the password on a subsidiary e-mail account using the 'Forgot Your Password' function on the website. I also inserted date of birth and security word but to no avail. I rang support on 150 on a Virgin phone and was directly to login to my main account from where I could change the password on the subsidiary account.

I realise that if your problem is with your main account, this is not a solution. If so, hopefully a VM person or a VIP will come to your rescue.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Apologies for the issues faced JamesMadison,

Welcome to the community.

With regard to the issue, are you receiving an error code at all when requesting to update your password?

Let us know,


Hi Kain_W,

No error code, it just appeared as if my answer was incorrect. Which i know it wasn't. I've just gone on again now and have noted that the password reset page has gone back to the 'old' style (i.e. the way it was before being updated a few weeks ago) and i am able to reset my password again using the same answers as i was using last week. So my issue is resolved but if the updated version is put through again i worry that password resets will not be able to happen. I was not able to access my account for a week because of this.

Thank you for the update @JamesMadison.

We are glad to hear you have been able to access your account. We do however apologise for the downtime you had with us. We will pass your feedback to the relevant teams for improvement to the new site.

Also, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further help.


Forum Team

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I am having the same problem as the OP. I've just tried to reset my password and similar to what they experienced it is a page with a different appearance and it won't accept my security questions. I last reset my password about 6 months ago and my answers worked then.

I don't understand why the developer team keep updating the page without testing whether it's working, surely they should have users test it first rather than causing this issue? Hopefully they revert to the old page again so i can continue to use my account.

Hi @KatLaw

Welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear that you're having issues logging into your online account. Does using this webpage allow you access to reset your password at all? 

Here to help 🙂
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Your reply did not contain a hyperlink to any website. Could you please provide the link? For ease this is the page i  get to when trying to reset my password that won't accept my answers (it doesn't say they're incorrect, nothing happens on any browser i've used)

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@KatLaw wrote:

Your reply did not contain a hyperlink to any website. Could you please provide the link? 

If you are still a Virgin Media Broadband customer the easiest way to reset your password is via your "My Virgin Media" account, that's the one where you can view your VM bills and package details. If you use that route to reset your password you will not have to answer security questions.

I recently posted a step by step description of how to do that: 

Since I posted that VM have changed the screens around in the "My V M" account. At the moment you can ignore the first bullet point in the list of instructions in the above link. That's because once you have signed in you just need to click on the "My profile" tab at the top of the screen. Once you've done that you can follow the steps as set out in that link.

I hope that helps.





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Hi @KatLaw thaks for your reply and I'm sorry about the lack of hyperlink in our previous response.

I'd like to look into this for you a bit more specifically and get this reset for you, so please expect a PM from me to arrive shortly and respond when you can!

Many thanks