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Speed test in modem mode?

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Is it possible to run a hub speed test on a Hub5 when it is modem mode? 
Using the Ookla SpeedTest app shows that I have a pretty reliable ~250Mbps on WiFi & ~350 to 400Mbps on a Cat5 wired connection.  The WIFi system is a TP-Link Deco S7 3-node mesh setup. 
My Hub5 service is the 1Gbps service. The channels used show frequencies in the 1GHz region, so it looks like a 1Gbps connection has been established. Problem is the max (Cat5) & WiFi speed I see is 400Mbps. Plenty fast enough but why don’t I get anything near the 1Gbps I’m paying for? 


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The channels use show - 1 Gbps is possible in any frequency band (well, practically, within DOCSIS that's not quite true, but... as a general rule in RF there's no correlation. Spectrum is spectrum). What speed are you provisioned at? What are your power levels and SNR?

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On our wavelength

Snapshot taken this.morning of my 1Gbps service frequencies on use. 


~350 to 400Mbps on a Cat5 wired connection  - 

What is the computer's network cable connected to ? i.e. is it the first node same as the Hub 5 or some other mesh node meaning WI-Fi is still the conduit ?

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The Deco S7 primary mode is connected via Cat5  to the Hub5’s 2.5Gbps port & my PC is connected to one of the S7 Ethernet ports by Cat5. The 3rd Ethernet port on the S7 is connected via Cat5 to a Netgear 1Gbps switch. This switch has my wired audiovisual kit connected to it. All speed tests are carried out with this kit in standby or switched off completely. Hope this info helps!

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Cat5 or Cat5e?

Cat5 can be patchy running at 1Gbps.

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Very Insightful Person

Speed tests in Modem mode are indeed possible.  Lots of users here are in Modem mode, myself included.

By the way, the Frequencies don't relate to the provisioned speed.  You need to check the conf settings on the Hub. It will show what speed has been provisioned.
It's Configuration tab - Primary Downstream Service Flow - Max Traffic Rate.

The VM preferred speed test from SamKnows will not work when the Hub is in Modem mode, just for info.

As for testing, as noted a Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable should be used, wired directly to Hub, using a device capable of 1Gb speeds on the NIC.  Wifi is not a reliable testing method.


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Thanks Adduxi, my provisioned speeds are as follows: 


 As you can see I have 1.23Gbps download provisioned but only get a max of 450Mbps on a Cat5 1Gbps capable PC. I am looking for a method of testing the actual Hub5 download speed. VM Connect doesn’t work when in modem mode as VM don’t properly support this mode. Prior to installing the mesh system, I would see ~850Mbps from the PC Cat5 connection. But, as others found the Hub5 can’t cope DHCP wise with my 34 connected devices! 

Cat5e, I forgot the e!