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The Customer Cancellation/Retention team game, with a twist

Joining in

So… My contract came to an end and virgin started charging me £64 a month for 250mb internet. For obvious reasons this needed to be fixed, so I contacted the online chat to resolve this and get a better offer. This resulted in an offer of £36 p/m on a 18 month contract, so the game began and I requested to leave with the intension of getting a better deal from the retentions team, which they processed.

Now here’s the twist, I currently live in Canada and this internet is for my mum’s house. This meant that getting on the phone was hard as it’s international.

The retentions team made many attempts to call in the first week, but after answering, the call just wouldn’t work so I couldn’t speak to them and they gave up after a week or so.

I then accepted my losses and set up a service with sky for 60mb broadband at £25 p/m for 18 month contract.

To my surprise, a few days before my virgin would be disconnected, they text me with an offer of £19p/m for 125mb internet only, on an 18 month contract. Which I was happy to accept (would have paid £25 p/m if they’d offered this initially instead of playing this game) and they handled all of this over online chat.

Moral of the story is, call their bluff! There is always a better offer, they just want to make as much money as possible and will only give you the best offers last minute.