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Praise when due


Hi folks 

When I look around the Forum posts they are mostly negative! I fully understand why people are upset, frustrated, angry tc about the experience that they had.

 In my recent experience I have had a very positive one, mostly due to the supportive nature of one of the Forum team members ( Paul). I had a very good WiFi signal in all of my house until a few months ago and I was getting extreme grief from my daughter who has a range of disabilities and she’s very reliant on her WiFi.

Anyway Paul advised me to do a number of different things to try and resolve the issue. Turns out codes had been changed so he arranged to reset the codes and send out a new Pod ( black)… got the pod set up and hay presto not more grief from said daughter!

All I need to do now is organise a new deal!

Thanks again Paul-DM 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Harley2017 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community. 

Thank you for sharing this experience, I've made sure this is shared with Paul's manager now 🙂

Forum Team

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