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Settling in

My email account has been hacked and all the contacts & controls (delete, forwarding) removed.
It has also appeared on the Dark Web. Similarly other accounts have been hacked using this email address and data removed, logins and passwords etc (Firefox for one). I managed to import the inbox into a Gmail account in Outlook, but can't find any way of deleting this account. Like others on the forum, I've had this email address since the internet was invented and understand that these old accounts have been taken over by TalkTalk, but can't get through to them on the phone.  Is TalkTalk a safe haven for us and why did no-one notice this hacking going on??

Any advice about how to terminally delete this account would be welcome, thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello RuthM18


Sorry to hear of the email issues following the account being compromised, we appreciate the concern this can cause and you reaching out via the forums. Welcome to the community.


We have help here for instances of hacked email account, we're eager to help with the deletion of the email address and I will send you a Private Message to get some more details from you to assist. Check the envelope in the top right of the forum when signed in for the message.