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Yet another topic for WiFi Pod order help

Tuning in

Hi. I would appreciate if any staff could help me with ordering a WiFi pod. I'm on 1Gig connection and have 2 near-dead spots in my house. I understand I can only order only 1 at a time. Please see screenshots from VM Connect app (which is basically useless and pointless as its only tells me what I already know and won't let me order the pod anyway)

Screenshot_20240504_135205_VM Connect.jpgScreenshot_20240504_140058_VM Connect.jpg


Tuning in

I tried to order one the other day and it was a terrible experience, but I was told you have to do it over the phone.

They make you use ‘Sam Knows’ to identify the black spot areas.  Don’t get conned into a ‘special offer’ with O2 for an extra SIM if you already have O2 contracts.  They tell you the order hasn’t gone through when in fact it has!

Do you happen to know if you need a Booster before you connect the pods?

Good luck trying to get a pod.

I wasted enough time trying to sort issues over the phone that I'm trying to avoid it when I can, and forum staff has been reasonably helpful so hopefully (looking at other threads) someone will be able to order it for me. I used the VM Connect app which then uses Sam Knows service and I can clearly see those dark spots as per my screenshots (kitchen and bedroom). Unfortunately there is no way to order the pod from within the app as it supposed to be making it pretty much useless.

I wouldn't think you'd need anything other than the pod. I was in the new pod trial and had one installed without anything else and it used to work fine.

Hi THiN78,

Thanks for using the Community Forums to get your first WIFI Pod ordered, I am sorry if the WIFI weak spots in your home have been causing some frustration, as well as the Connect App 😥 I would be more than happy to look into this for you!

We can only order one Pod at a time, if you need another one then you need to wait 7 days for the first Pod to settle into it's new surroundings, then we will be able to order your 2nd. Same thing goes for the third Pod if you need it 🙂
They are free of charge on our top packages, including Volt. 

I'll send you a PM now so we can get it set up for you.

Speak soon!