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Virgin Hub 5 showing on BQM in modem mode?

Tuning in

Hi team,

Trying to pinpoint a packet loss issue. My diagnosis has led me to run a BQM with my hub 5 in router mode and then switch to modem mode to try and isolate I'd the issue is with virgin or with my mesh system.

I run 1gig with a Netgear Orbi Mesh System. 

I switched the hub 5 to modem mode a couple of weeks ago and the BQM showed 100% packet loss as expected because my Netgear router took over the BQM monitor duties which is fine.  However, the last few days has shown that the hub 5 in modem mode is once again showing a connection on the BQM. And what's more, my Netgear BQM shows the packet loss problem I'm trying to solve where as the hub 5 BQM does not. Is this expected behaviour?! Because I'm confused!


Tuning in



Alessandro Volta

Are you setting the correct WAN address in the BQM for the two modem conditions? 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Yes, they work fine.

The hub IP hasn't changed. Yet one day it was showing 100% loss, as expected, in modem mode. Then the next day, no change of IP address, it just started showing a connection in BQM. Whilst still in modem mode.


The Hub's Public IP does differ from Router mode to Modem mode.

When in Modem mode, the BQM plots the responses from the Netgear Mesh system ( i.e. not the VM Hub ).

For the BQM to work in modem mode, the correct Public IP must be used by BQM and the firewall of the Netgear Mesh must be configured to respond to pings from its WAN port.

Hi there,

Yes I understand, but the behaviour I'm experiencing is that the hub was not changed from modem to router mode when the BQM suddenly started showing a connection.  It was during a modem mode period of testing where the BQM was showing no connection (expected behaviour) then one day it suddenly started responding to the BQM with no changes to modem/router mode or IP address.  I'll find the BQM graph to explain.Screenshot 2023-10-31 134720.png

Tuning in

The reason I want to get to the bottom of this is I'm still trying to isolate where my daily packet loss problem is coming from.  Whether its virgin or the Netgear mesh system.

Alessandro Volta

The way you say "BQM was showing no connection (expected behaviour)" is really confusing.😵

Their is no BQM to hub when in modem mode the IP the hub had in router mode when the BQM was working can be given to someone else which your BQM would show as working but thats no longer your IP.

Are you able to put hub in modem mode with your mesh find your IP on that setup allow BQM on that IP then keep checking your IP does not change.


Ah, so the IP would be naded to someone else and is no longer the IP for my hub? This is the info I need thank you!


In both Router mode and Modem mode we expect the BQM to work.

Use the link above to see your current Public IP address, configure your BQM to point to this.

Each time you change the VM Hub between Modem & Router modes use the link again to discover the new Public IP & then adjust the BQM accordingly.