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Still problems accessing Google DNS

Tuning in

The issue is not resolved. It remains that around Bristol, Gloucester area at least, you cannot access Google services (Google search, Translate, Recaptcha, Google analytics), Youtube, Spotify or Toggl on Virgin media, while this works on mobile data other than Virgin Media. This issue has been ongoing for at least 6 hours and has not yet been resolved.


On our wavelength

This is also affecting Azure MCAS services for Single Sign On too in the Wishaw/Motherwell area.

Dialled in

Still having issues in south Bristol.  Any idea of a time to fix ?

Now showing on the My Virgin App as hoped to be fixed by 2pm tomorrow (12th June) lol

Joining in

Had Google services for a short while. Now unavailable again. 😞

Just joined

Also in South Bristol, also unable to access any Google DNS (although if you've got a VPN, that will work as a workaround). Everything else seems to be working all right.

Been broken all day and still broken here in Gloucester. Useless service 

Dialled in

Still boken in Gloucester, but working via VM service up the road (see other thread), so it's not a geographical area issue per-se; it's more subtle than that. I was thinking some weird ECMP issue, or some potential blacklisting via Google for certain IPs/ranges. But if was blacklisting, that doesn't explain the brief time it was working this afternoon....

Dialled in

Now working for me.... but for how long? 🙂

Joining in

Morning, I am still facing issues when trying to access certain sites this morning do we know when this issue will be fixed.