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Hub 4 dead, temporary hub 3 not working

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My hub 4 died after a power cut, just a solid white ring on boot. 


I tried a spare hub 3 I had but it just says "update in progress". I was hoping to get this online before the engineer turns up so I can work.

Is there anything that can be done, I've phoned support but they said its not possible but I felt like I was just being fobbed off 


Problem sorter

I believe the hub 3 will need to be activated. Try this - copied from another thread;

Call the equipment activation number they may be able to help. It's 0800 953 9500 and you will need the Hub serial number/MAC address from the barcode sticker, and your account number.

I know a bit about Wi-Fi, Telecoms, and TV as I used to do it for a living but I'm not perfect so don't beat me up... If you make things you make mistakes!

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

As far as I know, VM will not authorise your "spare" Hub 3, as it should have been returned when you got the Hub 4. You can only have one Hub on your account at anytime, so you will have to wait for the VM technician to sort this out when he arrives. 

I'm surprised VM are not hounding you for the Hub 3, or have not billed you for the non return.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Steveiwonder 👋 Thank you for your post 😀

We're sorry to hear what's happened 😔

As advised by @Adduxi, you can only have one Hub on your account at any given time.

Has the engineer appointment now been carried out? If so, how did it go?