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WiFi calling not working

Tuning in

Any help would be welcome.
I  moved to virgin mobile a week ago. 
The WiFi calling won’t seem to work. I’ve switched it on in my settings. 
I’ve texted all to 78992 multiple times as per the help pages but I get a message saying not delivered each time. 
Messages to other numbers send no problem. 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @Gethin72 


Thanks for your response


Sorry to hear about the issue with WiFi calling, has the feature ever worked on your handset previously?



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If you turn on airplane mode, then re-enable WiFi does it work?

yes I was with O2 before and it worked fine. 

I gave it a go but unfortunately no change. 

Assuming Android, access the below and check if you see a WiFi calling option:

sorry I should of said I’ve got an I phone (x)
thanks for posting all that info. 

We can no longer be friends... just kidding 😊.

It does sound like there is something wrong on the account side, rather than device.

I'll leave it to VM to discuss further.

Good on ya. 

Hi there @Gethin72 thanks for your reply 😊 Sorry to see this is still not working.

I have checked our system and can see that this is something we'd need to discuss with you further via PM.

I'll pop you a message to confirm your details.



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