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Mobile data connection/configuration problem

Tuning in


I've a mobile SIM packaged from Virgin Media (broadband), used by my daughter. My (known) symptoms are:

  1. No internet connection on 4G/3G with good signal in London (on WiFi its fine)
  2. Can't SMS the settings number i.e. "text ALL to 789922" (get error 28 back)
  3. Done the troubleshooting steps at
  4. Number doesn't appear in my Virgin Mobile account (but there's a record of it in my Media account)

Are there additional steps I can take here / any advice available, please? I'm reading that I might need a replacement SIM?


Thanks, T


Problem is resolved.

For those who need closure: turns out the SIM wasn't activated due to some kind of hiccup. A previous SIM on the same number was stolen, and this was the replacement - which either wasn't activated by me/my daughter (no idea if this is the case - but if so...Doh!), or there was a hiccup somewhere.

VM (re)activated it - all good now.

Hi all! 👋 Returning to update the public thread from our side too. 

Thanks to TonyB747 for PMing with me 📩, we were able to confirm a few account details and investigate what was going on a little further!

We were able to unlock the SIM from our side (this can take 24 hours) but it looks like it completed pretty quickly and now things are resolved!

Please let us know if there is anything else you need our help and support with! Thanks for your patience whilst we got it sorted. 

All the best 🌞


Hello, I am also having trouble with my mobile internet.

My texts and calls are working fine, and 4g/5g appear to be showing as working but whenever I access the internet it says "no connection". The only way I get internet is on WiFi but the mobile data is not working anymore.

I have also tried the SMS settings number but get no response at all from the number.


Any help will be truly grateful as I require internet for my work away from home.



That does sound eerily similar to my problem ... maybe someone from the Forum Team can check whether your SIM is also only "mostly" activated 🙂

Good luck!


I have messaged Molly directly and hopefully can be helped 😁

Hello william2623


Sorry to hear of the mobile data issues experienced, we understand the concern and appreciate you raising this via the forums.


Can you confirm if this is an issue everywhere or in specific locations? Are any of your other services impacted ie calls or texts? Can you ensure your APN settings are as follows please:


Internet & MMS APN.
Name: WEB
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8080
MCC: 234
MNC: 38
Authentication type: CHAP
APN type: *
APN Protocol: IPv4
APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4
Leave all other options blank/Not set


To check these access the handset settings - Mobile Networks - Access Point Names. Let us know 🙂