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What hub model should be provided to a new customer in 2023?

Up to speed

I've signed up to a 250Mb package and just went live today. 

The quickstart kit is missing the Stream box that I am almost certain I ticked the box for when ordering (but could be wrong as it's not mentioned on my contract either to be fair)

But more importantly, the router is a Hub 3. specifically an ancient Hub 3 that's clearly seen many years of use and abuse. The router is absolutely filthy and it turned a moist wipe black when trying to clean it. Greasy/oily patches that don't wipe off. Scuffs and scratches all over. Slightly unpleasant smell once switched on and running hot. The power supply has paint splashes on it.

I was under the impression that it was the Hub 4 for everyone except for gigabit customers who get the Hub 5 now? 

Even if the Hub 3 is still current, I'm all for the environmental benefits of refurbished hardware. But surely 'refurbished' should be both clean and tidy? I'd be embarassed to return equipment to VM in this state, and am frankly amazed VM thought it was ok to send it back out the door to another customer like this.

Is it worth trying to argue this with customer service, or is this just the standard to expect their hardware to be as it gets older so just have to accept it and get scrubbing in the hope that I can clean it up enough to both lose the smell and look a ltitle more presentable?



Alessandro Volta

the hub3 is fine for the speed you have but from there its downhill from what you describe - it is said return hubs are checked and refurbished before they go out - that - i think means open the box - check its all there [maybe] and send it out to the next mug valued customer

of course it should be in a decent state and you are right to complain - however getting your point across to the Cs agents they employ in the ars* end of the world might be difficult as it wont be on their script

you have a couple of options that might get a response - ring and say its not working - turn it off or unplug it if yo ring and they should send a replacement or better still a tech

2nd option ring and tell them the hub is a mess and you are not happy and want to leave under the cooling off period - they will do most things to get you mot to leave so demand/ask for a new hub - the risk with that line is they may well ignore you even though they may say they will send one


Sacked VIP

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Koda 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

Sorry to hear of this Hub 3 issue. It is right that you've received one but shouldn't be in that condition. I will send you a PM to get a technician out to exchange it.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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