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403 forbidden cannot access email account from web browser

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I'm unable to access my email address from any web browser or the virgin media app.  Im. only able to access from my iPhone mail app but I need to access on my laptop sometimes, been like this for age but never got round what is wrong with it.  


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Millwalker70 wrote:

I'm unable to access my email address from any web browser or the virgin media app.  Im. only able to access from my iPhone mail app

That rings warning bells for me.

Do you have a Virgin Media broadband account?  I know that it is possible that you may never have had a VM broadband account because addresses date back to the original dial up internet service that Virgin offered from 1996 or possibly to the old ADSL service which Virgin sold off to TalkTalk in 2014.

VM do still support addresses for VM broadband customers but the bad news is that unless a address was transferred over to a Virgin Media fibre broadband account, VM should have closed it down years ago. (I have set out my explanation for saying that at the bottom of this post.)

However, the reality is there have been many posts on this forum over the last few years that prove that VM :

  1. VM did not always delete these old email accounts in accordance with the agreements I have detailed below.
  2. However it seems that they have been deleting them on what appears to be ad-hoc basis
  3. They never give any warning before deleting an account
  4. The first sign that an email account is being deleted is that the account becomes inaccessible via the VM Webmail service on their website but email apps can continue to send and receive emails through the account. This is exactly what you are seeing.

If you do have a VM broadband account the Forum Team (VM employees who support this forum) should be able to look into this and advise you of the options to resolve the issue. One of the team will contact you via this thread and take your details by private message.

However if you do not have a VM broadband account  the Forum Team will be very limited in what they can do for you. It is possible that the situation you are currently experiencing with your account will continue for some time. However, you are running a huge  risk because at some point your email app will lose access to your address and you will be left without an email account at all.

You really need to switch to using an alternative email provider such as Gmail, or iCloud Mail as soon as possible.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Background to email accounts:

When the Virgin dial up internet service closed in 2013, any associated email accounts should have closed automatically after 180 days because to keep an email account active it was required to dial in at least once every 180 days.

Virgin ADSL customers who moved over to TalkTalk were allowed to keep their Virgin email accounts for 12 months before the email accounts were closed. Anyone who did not move to TalkTalk and did not or could not move to a VM cable account should have had their email accounts deleted 90 days after the closure of the Virgin ADSL service.

I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media.

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