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Scam call from Virginmedia Coventry.

Joining in

This morning had a call claiming someone was trying to get £300 and £1000 from my Bank account, not mentioning the Bank. Did a 1471 to get phone number, that gave me 02476 7234xx, did a who called me - said it was virginmedia Coventry.

Then decided to find number for virginmedia Coventry, came up as closed down with the number above 02476 7234xx.

Whats going on ?...



[MOD EDIT: number edited in case it's an innocent number being spoofed]


Alessandro Volta

The scammers programmed their phone system to spoof (fake) an old VM number to make it look like the call was coming from VM. It is something that scammers do as a matter of routine to try to make anyone who receives the call think that the call is genuine.